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Dual Enrollment for Equitable Completion (DE4EC) is a multi-year collaborative initiative among the College Futures Foundation and Tipping Point Community, carried out with research support from RDP Consulting. DE4EC helps California community colleges and their high school partners build dual enrollment programs centered on strengthening equitable access and completion outcomes for students underrepresented in higher education, particularly African American/Black, Latina/o/x, and students experiencing economic disadvantage.

DE4EC supports 10 community colleges and their high school partners: Berkeley City College, Compton College, Contra Costa College, Cuyamaca College, East Los Angeles College, Fresno City College, Gavilan College, Hartnell College, Madera Community College, and Skyline College. Each of these collaborations represents different levels of capacity and stages of dual enrollment program implementation.

Career Ladders Project, an organization focused on promoting equitable community college redesign and an expert on dual enrollment practice and policy, supports the work of each partnership by convening a community of practice and providing capacity building as needed.

For this funder supported endeavor, RDP Consulting, the initiative’s learning and evaluation partner, employed quantitative and qualitative research methods to explore and address the following overarching research question: 

How did the partnerships ensure that historically underrepresented and excluded students were engaged, participated, and successful in dual enrollment... and beyond?

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