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RDP Consulting works with higher education institutions and systems, non-profit organizations, and funders seeking to advance racial and economic justice for historically marginalized communities. We take a culturally competent, equity-centered approach to project design and delivery. We partner with clients to hone your priorities and meet your needs in timely, efficient ways. Combined, our team brings decades of direct experience inside the types of organizations we serve and as consultant partners working to extend and deepen your impact. Services include:

Facilitating Learning

Developing data and evidence to advance your team's understanding of the assets, needs, experiences, and outcomes of the individuals and communities you serve; includes:

  • Conducting qualitative and quantitative research to better understand where opportunity gaps exist and how to close them

  • Assessing initiatives and interventions in equitable ways to elevate progress, determine positive impact, and foster improvement

  • Directly engaging stakeholders in sharing their stories to provide nuance to study results and make recommendations based on their lived experiences

  • Sharing actionable findings through digestible, user-friendly communications

Services Capacity

Supporting Action

Working with your organization to convene internal teams and external partners and engage them in applying information and setting priorities; includes:

  • Helping you reflect on and make meaning of research and evidence in the context of your organization and the broader ecosystem in which you work

  • Helping you set authentic and meaningful goals

  • Assisting with strategic design and action planning efforts to achieve your aspirations

Servies Data

Building Organizational Capacity

Building Organizational Capacity.png

Helping you sustain your work and thrive so you fully realize your vision, purpose, and intended impact; includes:

  • Determining existing organizational strengths and potential gaps in service

  • Identifying your organization's role in the broader ecosystem

  • Facilitating difficult conversations about where you are, where you want to go, and what systems, structures, attitudes, and behaviors need to change to get you there

  • Collaborating to develop your theory of action or liberation

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