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RDP Consulting, based in Hayward, California, provides culturally competent expert guidance and assistance to nonprofit, community-based and focused organizations with a commitment to social justice and equity. We take pride in providing timely, efficient consulting services that are attuned to real-world needs and concerns such as academic achievement opportunity, safe communities and workforce development. Our consulting services include help with strengthening organizational practices and policies, developing and managing research and evaluation efforts, and launching and supporting large-scale grantmaking initiatives.

Strengthen capacity to do the best work

Services and programs can ultimately only be as strong as the people who work for and the infrastructure of the organization that administers them. In helping individuals, groups and entire organizations become more efficient and make the most of their resources, RDP can help you…


  • Assess where you and your organization stand and how to prepare for where you want to go

  • Design and facilitate trainings and coaching opportunities to strengthen relevant skills and knowledge

  • Improve strategies, processes and approaches to address difficult and critical concerns and social problems

Services Capacity

Use data to determine and assess goals and outcomes

Research and evaluation efforts should focus on those issues and questions of most importance and reflect what matters to the organization that are part of a study and to the people and communities these organizations serve. Regardless of your mission and vision, RDP Consulting can support your efforts to…


  • Develop action plans that support key assumptions, identify key supports and resources and outline testable, doable, reasonable and measureable goals and outcomes

  • Design protocols and processes to collect information from key stakeholders and field experts to inform programs from development to full implementation

  • Collect, use and report on both qualitative and quantitative data and information to highlight program and participant outcomes

Servies Data

support and manage funding efforts

A thoughtful and strategic process is required to provide resources in a way that promotes and supports a large set of priorities and goals, to identify and engage the right partners and to develop the most appropriate set of activities and approaches to fund. RDP Consulting is experienced with and can partner with you to…


  • Develop, launch and manage large scale program and funding initiatives from start—concept development, docket preparation, application review, grantee selection and initiative management and support—to finish, including summary reports and communications

  • Identify, engage and communicate clearly and effectively with current and prospective community and funding partners

  • Convene and manage needed partners and consultants to support the implementation and evaluation of community-focused and funding initiatives

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