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Rogéair facilitated a new collaborative effort working on health career pathways for West County youth. Since this set of partners did not have long histories of working together, she introduced the collective impact framework as a way to get everyone contributing to a common agenda and articulation of mutually reinforcing activities. With her guidance, the group developed a powerful identity statement, which continues to guide the collective work to this day. I’m so appreciative of her careful attention to relationships, her patient facilitation, and the content expertise that seemed to be injected at just the right time to help move our work forward."

Diane Aranda, The California Endowment, Senior Program Manager

I have had the pleasure of working with Rogéair throughout my career. Not only is she deeply committed to social justice and equity, she brings the right balance of storytelling and structured inquiry to her work as an evaluator. Always patient and professional even on challenging projects - I know that I can count on Rogeair!

Sarita Ahuja, Neighborhood Funders Group, Vice President of Operations

Rogéair Purnell-Mack is a consummate professional whose calm demeanor, sharp intellect and deep experience combine to produce a powerful package to her clients. Fusing the worlds of research, equity and practice, Rogeair is a valuable leader and/or team member who excels in a variety of consultative roles. Her work with me on the California Guided Pathways Project has been top-notch, and I've been impressed in every setting I've seen her work."

Dr. Rob Johnstone, National Center for Inquiry and Improvement, President and Founder

Dr. Purnell-Mack has been one of the RP Group's most trusted and reliable researchers for many years. Her work is always of high quality and she has been a capable project director and valuable thought partner within the organization. As a facilitator, researcher, and presenter, she has shown dedication to partnering with colleges to help them use research to take action to ensure the achievement of equitable student success.

Dr. Darla Cooper, Research and Planning (RP) Group for California Community Colleges, Executive Director

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