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About RDP


A growing number of educators, community organizations, and funders across California are mobilized to strengthen racial and economic justice for historically minoritized communities.

The stakes are high. Income gaps continue to widen for Black and Latinx families in the state. Concerns about persistent education, health, housing, and safety inequities and mounting climate change impacts are top of mind. And the current political context increasingly includes those eager to maintain the status quo.

RDP Consulting helps you move the needle on social and economic opportunity in this complex and demanding environment. 


We work with you to uplift the assets and experiences of the communities you seek to strengthen. We generate good information and useful insight so you can set priorities and take action. We help boost your capacity so you can realize your values, purpose, and intended impact. And we help you champion the change you are successfully achieving.


RDP Consulting is…

  • Justice and equity-driven: we are passionate about advancing efforts to increase access, opportunity, and power for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities and those experiencing economic hardship.

  • Inclusive: we are determined to amplify the voices and lived experiences of those directly impacted by clients’ organizations and initiatives.

  • Collaborative: we are focused on partnering closely with clients to identify issues, explore problems, and determine solutions. 

  • Asset-based: we are committed to starting with the perspectives and strengths of clients and the communities you serve.

  • Action-oriented: we are dedicated to sharing results in a client-centered way to help you with planning, narrative development, implementation, and advocacy. 

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